Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer today to help keep and elect more Republicans in Benzie County!

  • Volunteer with Benzie Republicans at community events, parades, etc.
  • Write letters to the editors in support of our elected officials. Record Patriot or TC Record Eagle
  • Become an Election Worker or Poll Challenger during elections. More Info
  • Become a Precinct Delegate (see more info below) or run for an elected position in township or village. Contact Us
  • Attend township, village, school board and other county meetings.
  • Lead and/or be active in a Young Republican Group.

Contact Us for any of the above.

County Position Openings can be found at BenzieCo.net

Become a Republican Precinct Delegate

  • Precinct Delegates are voting members of the Republican Party who are eligible to vote for party leadership, help select nominees for Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Board of Education, University Trustees and Regents, and Supreme Court Justices.
  • Precinct Delegates for both parties are elected on the August primary ballot.
  • Currently we have openings in several townships – just Contact Us if you are interested.
  • ATTEND REPUBLICAN PARTY CONVENTIONS: Generally, there are two or three county conventions every two years which Precinct Delegates must attend.
  • ELECT LOCAL PARTY¬† LEADERSHIP: Precinct Delegates elect the At-Large Executive Committee Members for the Benzie County Republicans.
  • ELECT DELEGATES TO STATE CONVENTION. Precinct Delegates will help elect Delegates to attend MRP State Conventions on behalf of Benzie County.