About Us

We are the Benzie County Republican Party.

Our Goal: To elect Republicans on the local, state, and national level.

Our Purpose: To uphold the principles of freedom, equality, and justice, on which the Republican Party and the government of this nation is founded.

Our Mission: The Benzie County Republican Party shall work to support and promote the basic principles of individual rights (life, liberty and private property), which are best preserved when government is limited, focused and based upon easily comprehended and just laws.
The party shall strive to recruit and elect Republican candidates that believe in these ideals.
The party shall perform all duties delegated by law and such other duties not prohibited by law, that will benefit the general welfare of the party.
The party shall adopt bylaws by which the executive committee shall be governed.

Core Values adopted May 15, 2023

Executive Committee Officers:

  • Chair – Mark S.
  • Vice Chair – Sue W.
  • Treasurer – Chuck C.
  • Secretary – Kate M.

Contact Us

Meetings: Round Table and Executive Committee meetings are usually the third Monday of each month; but, please check our events for the next meeting date, time and location. All Republicans are invited.

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